MIL FC Generator - Power supply with methanol fuel cell

  • Product description

    The portable power-supply is used for 24VDC-consumer if AC-net is unavailable. The methanol is supplied from a connected tank of 10l, and allows an operation under full load of about 24 hours allowed. After that the tank has to be changed. In a flange-mounted power pack are the required tank and batteries 24V/25Ah housed. If necessary, this power pack can be located up to 2m from the cell. The radio interference suppression complies with CE. The display shows supply current and voltage by pressing the key. A specially guaranteed to MIL FC developed DC-DC power supply system for every consumer a reliable power supply with the correct voltage.

  • Specifications


    MIl FC Generator


    505 × 420 × 380


    38 kg


    24VDC / 2.7A